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Customizing AutoCAD® since 1996, we have developed everything from AutoLISP Routines, Custom Menus and Managed .NET Applications.  No solution is too small or too large.  Let us bring our 25 years of experience to your custom AutoCAD® solution project or explore our standard apps.

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AutoCAD® Apps

All our standard apps are listed on the Autodesk App Store ensuring their quality and security.

Each app supports the following Autodesk AutoCAD® 2018 - 2021 products...


AutoCAD® Architecture

AutoCAD® Electrical

AutoCAD® Mechanical


All our Apps are offered with free 30 day trials and very low prices!

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Count Blocks App

Counts blocks, including dynamic anonymous blocks in a selection set, open drawings or in drawing sets.  The block count data can optionally be inserted as a Table or copied to the clipboard.

Curly Bracket App

Commands for creating and modifying curly brackets with optional annotation by length, radius and angle.

Cylindrical Break App

Create cylindrical breaks by length and mirroring. Use for Solid Bar Breaks, Pipe Breaks, Cordset Breaks, Tube Breaks, etc.

Demolition Scope Boundary App

Draws rectangular or polygonal Demolition Scope Boundaries using the ANSI31 Hatch Pattern.

Find Duplicate Annotation App

Finds Duplicate Annotation (Text, MText, Attributes and Leaders) in opened drawings or in a drawing set.  Duplicate Annotation values can be updated with new values.

Line Jump App

Create arc, square, 2 sided or gap line jumps on horizontal or vertical lines and polylines.

Schematic Line Numbers Apps

Create schematic line number references.

Text To Attribute App

Converts a Text or MText object to an Attribute Definition object.

View Shot App

Saves the current drawing view to an image file or copies the current drawing view to the system clipboard as an image.

Wire Break App

Create wire breaks by length and mirror settings.


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