Wire Break App

AutoCAD® Command WCSWBRK

The Wire Break App will create wire breaks by a length and mirroring. Wire Break symbols are typically used to show that a line, wire or conductor continues. With the Wire Break App you can quickly, accurately and uniformly create wire breaks in multi-mode at any angle. The app will help ensure all your Wire Breaks across a project will be uniform and drawn at the proper dimensions. The app remembers the last settings used and makes them the default settings for future use.


Online Help

WCSWBRK (Command)


Wire break settings  (Section to specify the length and mirror settings)

  • Length: Specifies the length of the wire break(s).

  • Mirror: Specifies the mirror setting of the wire break(s).

About button click to display the About dialog

OK button click to draw Wire Break objects at the specified settings.

Cancel button click to cancel the WCSWBRK command.

Help button click to display the online help page.


Demo & Training Videos


Cylindrical Break App Demonstration


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