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AutoCAD® Command WCST2ATT

The Text To Attribute App converts a selected Text or MText object to an Attribute Definition object. This is a great tool if you have an existing drawing that you would like to turn in an AutoCAD® Block. Converted Attribute Definitions retain the selected Text or MText object's properties and the selected object's value is, by default, used as the Attribute Definition's Default value; however, this can be changed as required before clicking the OK button.


Online Help

WCST2ATT (Command)


Attribute settings  (Section to specify the settings for the attribute)

  • Mode: Specifies the mode of the attribute, options include Invisible, Constant, Verify, Preset, Lock position and Multiple line (set by selected object; Text or MText)

  • Tag: Specifies the attribute tag.

  • Prompt: Specifies the prompt for the attribute.

  • Default: Specifies the default value for the attribute.

About button click to display the About dialog

OK button click to convert the selected object to an Attribute with the specified settings.

Cancel button click to cancel the WCST2ATT command.

Help button click to display the online help page.


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Text To Attribute App Demonstration


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