Schematic Line Numbers App

AutoCAD® Command WCSSLN

The Schematic Line Numbers App automates drawing Schematic Line Numbers or Schematic Line Reference Numbers in Autodesk AutoCAD®. Stop using the Text command multiple times to manually create Schematic Line Numbers or Schematic Reference Numbers.  The last used settings are used as the default settings for the next time Schematic Line Numbers is used.


Online Help

WCSSLN (Command)


Schematic line numbers settings  (Section to specify the settings for the schematic line numbers)

  • Text height: Specifies the height of the text.

  • Text justification: Specifies the justification of the text.

  • First line number: Specifies the beginning line number.

  • Line increment: Specifies the increment amount per line.

  • Number of lines: Specifies the number or rows or lines.

  • Line distance: Specifies the distance between rows or lines.

  • Number of columns: Specifies the column count.

  • Column distance: Specifies the distance between columns.

About button click to display the About dialog

OK button click to draw the Schematic Line Numbers at the specified settings.

Cancel button click to cancel the WCSSLN command.

Help button click to display the online help page.


Demo & Training Videos


Schematic Line Numbers App Demonstration


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