Line Jump App

AutoCAD® Command WCSLJ

This app automates drawing Line Jumps, like Visio. There are four supported Jump styles: Arc, Gap, Square and 2 Sides. Line Jumps can be placed on any horizontal or vertical Lines or Polylines quickly by simply selecting the intersecting objects either directly or using a window/crossing. The app remembers your settings, making them the default settings for the next time when you use the app.


Online Help

WCSLJ (Command)


Select intersecting, right angled, lines and / or polylines.

Line jump settings  (Section to specify the jump on option, length, style and mirror option)

  • Jump on: Select the jump on option to place the line jump either on the horizontal or vertical segments.

  • Style: Specifies the line jump style, options include Arc, Square, 2 Sided or Gap.

  • Length: Specifies the line jump length.

  • Mirror jump: Turn on to mirror the jump style 180 degrees.  (Does not apply to the Gap style).

About button click to display the About dialog

OK button click to place the line jumps on the selected objects at the specified settings.

Cancel button click to cancel the WCSLJ command.

Help button click to display the online help page.


Demo & Training Videos


Line Jump App Demonstration


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