Demolition Scope Boundary 2021 App

Version: 2021.0.0.3

The Demolition Scope Boundary App automates the process of drawing Demolition (Demo) Scope Boundaries using the ANSI31 Hatch Pattern. You can easily draw multiple demo scope boundaries in rectangular mode or in polygonal mode. Set your project standards for Boundary Width, Hatch Pattern Scale and Angle and the app remembers these settings making them the defaults for the next time you use the app!

Online Help

WCSDSB (Command)


Boundary settings  (Section to specify the boundary style and width)

  • Style: Specifies the boundary style; either Rectangular or Polygonal

  • Width: Specifies the boundary polyline width.

Hatch pattern settings (Section to specify the hatch pattern angle and scale)

  • Angle: Specifies the hatch pattern angle.  Angles of 0°, 90°, 180° or 270° are valid angles for demolition scope boundary hatch patterns.

  • Scale: Specifies the hatch pattern scale.

About button click to display the About dialog

OK button click to draw Demolition Scope Boundary objects at the specified settings.

     In rectangular boundary style mode follow the command prompts to specify the first corner and then the other corner.

          Press the [Esc] key to end the WCSDSB command.

     In polygonal boundary style mode follow the command prompts to specify points and/ or

          press [Enter] to close the polygon.

          Press the [Esc] key to end the WCSDSB command.

Cancel button click to cancel the WCSDSB command.

Help button click to display the online help page.


Demo & Training Videos


Demolition Scope Boundary 2021 App Demonstration


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Version History

Version 2021.1.0.1

March 3, 2021

Optimized command loading and ribbon menu loading.

Version 2021.0.0.2

December 10, 2020

Added the Privacy Policy to the About Dialog box.

Version 2021.0.0.1

June 7, 2020

Updated the About Dialog box.

Version 2021.0.0.0

March 3, 2020

Initial release for AutoCAD 2021, AutoCAD Architecture 2021, AutoCAD Electrical 2021, AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 and AutoCAD MEP 2021