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Our collection of standard AutoCAD® 2019 apps support the following AutoCAD® 2019 based Autodesk products.

  • AutoCAD®

  • AutoCAD® Architectural

  • AutoCAD® Electrical

  • AutoCAD® Mechanical

  • AutoCAD® MEP

All apps remember 'last use settings' improving quality and saving you time!


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Count Blocks 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSCB

Counts blocks, including dynamic anonymous blocks (which the standard BCOUNT command does not) in a selection set, open drawings or in drawing sets and copies the data to the system clipboard.  The block count data includes the block's description if it has been set in the block definition.  Once the block count data is on the system clipboard it can be pasted into a drawing or into applications such as Excel.

Curly Bracket 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSCBKT

Draw Curly Bracket objects by length and radius in multi-mode with optional Text or MText.  This app will help any discipline annotate their drawings consistently and easily!

Cylindrical Break 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSCBRK

Draw Cylindrical Break objects by length and mirror in multi-mode.  If you draw Pipes, Tubes, Cables or Cordsets try our Cylindrical Break App!

Demolition Scope Boundary 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSDSB

Draw rectangular or polygonal Demolition Scope Boundary objects by width and Hatch scale and angle settings in multi-mode.  If you retrofit existing facilities this app is for you!

Find Duplicate Annotation 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSFDA

With Find Duplicate Annotation you can search all opened drawings or search drawings located in folders for duplicated annotation values that can cause problems in your drawings or for contractors in the field.  

Find Duplicate Annotation can process hundreds of drawings quickly saving you time and money!  The search results can be copied into Excel or any table; giving you a report that can be used to make corrections in your drawings as required.  Or you can simply enter new values into the search results to update duplicate values as required.

Line Jump 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSLJ

Modify existing intersecting Line and/or Polyline objects to include Visio style jumps.  Jump Styles include Arc, Square, 2 Sided and Gap.  Line Jumps can be placed on the horizontal or vertical segments and the length and mirror can be set.  Just draw your schematic drawing and then select all the Line and / or Polyline objects and modify the whole drawing to include Line Jumps in one quick and easy command!

Schematic Line Numbers 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSSLN

Draw Schematic Line Number objects by specifying Text, row and column settings.  Ladder type schematics can now be drawn quicker and more consistently across your entire set of drawings!

Text To Attribute 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCST2ATT

Convert Text or MText objects to Attribute Definition Objects.  This is a great app for turning existing drawings into reusable Blocks!

View Shot 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSVS

View Shot snaps a screenshot of the current drawing view/window (a View Shot).  With View Shot you can specify the view size (image size) and you can zoom the view to extents or to a specific window.  Once the View Shot is captured you can save the View Shot as a bmp, gif, jpg, png, wmf or tif image file or you can copy the View Shot to the system clipboard as an image for pasting into other applications such as Word or into image editors or even into an email.

Wire Break 2019

AutoCAD® Command WCSWBRK

Draw Wire Break objects by length and mirror in multi-mode.  If you draw Wires or Electrical Conductors try our Wire Break App!


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